• Company Policies – Provide input on components of proposed code of conduct, best practices, privacy policy, terms of service, and other outward-facing policies; develop and implement certification regimes


  • Public Policies – Craft comments, testimony, and other elements of issues-focused public policy campaigns.


  • Thought Leadership – Develop progressive conceptual frameworks


  • Research – Conduct research into specific topics


  • Prototyping – Develop MVP for a trusted fiduciary


  • Marketing – Create the narratives, concepts, and visuals for outreach campaigns

  • Guidance – Work with individuals and startups to protect their legitimate privacy interests in their interactions with government agencies, including the judicial system

  • Advocacy – Provide input and feedback to government agencies seeking to protect the legitimate privacy interests of individuals and small companies


  • Outreach – Devise and implement outreach campaigns to reach various audiences, and raise visibility for firm’s pro-privacy practices


  • Communications – Mold messaging for various Web platforms


  • Collaborations – Create collaborative opportunities between entities

  • Entrepreneurs need to comply with current data protection laws and regulations. They may also want to adopt practices that fully protect the privacy interests of their customers. GLIAnet PRIMER can help you navigate your data privacy challenges.

  • Help individuals protect themselves online, and adopt tech tools to enhance and promote their interests

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