The GLIAnet Ecosystem

The GLIAnet ecosystem currently consists of the GLIA Foundation, the GLIAnet project, and GLIAnet Primer LLC. 

How It All Fits Together

GLIA Foundation is the not-for-profit foundation dedicated to fostering education and outreach on the need for more human-centric technologies and markets.


GLIAnet is the name given to the proposed new ecosystem of entities and technologies, operating under a new paradigm of HAACS (human autonomy and agency via computational systems).  The GLIA Foundation is home to the GLIAnet project.  Trusted entities in the GLIAnet ecosystem would provide elements of a digital life support system premised on the “PEP” process of protecting, enhancing, and promoting the interests of customers and clients.


GLIAnet project is the loose affiliation of individuals and entities developing the conceptual elements of the GLIAnet ecosystem.


GLIAnet PRIMER LLC is a new consultancy firm founded on the GLIAnet project principles. Our focus is on assisting individuals and companies who are interested in protecting, enhancing, and promoting their interests, and those of their clients and customers.  Co-founders are Sky Parker and Richard Whitt.


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